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Who is LaurasquirtS?

A Horny Scorpio from Aberta, Canada. Named after Sister Laura, a NUN from a nunary  in Ontario.  Squirts is only one of the many talents my pussy can do.

CUMING in seconds or EDGEING for hours. Little Laura can SING little tune, SHOWER you with Cum, or even STRETCH enough to fit 4 DILDOS at one time. My whole life I have done my KEGELS everyday!  I believe this is what contributed to the  destruction of over 50 different SEXS TOYS and cant forget 3 FUCK MACHINES since 2020.  

With me it is "What you see is what you get! with."  I grew everything myself, Well had a little help with my ASS. (Mini rainbow cookies.) are my weakness. Having size 36D TITIES gives me room to paint them any way i feel like at the time. I am very Honest and  with honesty sometimes comes trouble.  When hearing the word perfect, I always say perfected is boring I am a



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Love me! Hate me! WANT TO FUCK ME! Tell me all about it.
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09/25/2022 20:35
She cab take a good Fucking! What a squirter!
06/05/2021 05:14
Such a sexy smoker, I gotta have more.
05/03/2021 16:06
You let me dry each time
04/25/2020 07:23
So juicy and sexy. :)
04/25/2020 07:22
Made me cum sooo hard ❤️ 10/10 milffff

So juicy and sexy. :)
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